Muscular Men Are More Sexist and Hostile, Says Science

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Here’s one for the scrawny boys! Manly man make for terrible boyfriends, according to a University of Westminster study.

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After surveying 327 straight British men (over a third were single), researchers discovered that brawny dudes were more likely to have sexist beliefs and hostility toward women. The correlation between the two seemingly unrelated things involves traditional gender roles:

“We think men who hold oppressive beliefs about women and gender equality are also more likely to endorse traditional stereotypes of masculinity, which includes the muscular physique.”

We buy that. For more proof of muscles’ lame side effects, see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse James, filed under Worst Cheating Scandals Ever.

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But I think the authors were a bit extreme in their next conclusion:

In addition, in societies where patriarchal structures are being challenged, some men may seek to reassert their masculinity by enhancing their physiques. For example, they might react to having a female boss by beefing up at the gym.

Keep in mind that the sample size in the study isn’t that large and the scope wasn’t international. Maybe the takeaway is just to avoid brawny British guys? Just to be safe though, if we’ve learned anything from wasting weeknights on Jersey Shore, maybe guido beefcakes should be added to the list?

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