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Writing your profile is a very personal endeavor. Some people absolutely love the idea of filling out every section in detail, while others see a blank page on the screen and panic. As subjective as we’d like to be when it comes to filling out your information, there are definitely right and wrong ways to do it. But for the sake of brevity, today we’re sharing only one key profile writing tip.

Pare down where you can.

It’s definitely better to write more than less, but fragments or one-word answers don’t give a potential match a good idea about who you are or if you two would be a good match. However, be selective about how much “more” you write. A few solid sentences that sum up the section will do. There’s no need to go on and get into the nitty gritty detail for a few reasons.

1) Attention spans are shorter than ever nowadays. Yes, you would hope that when it comes to trying to find a mate, they’re taking the time to read every single sentence of your profile. The reality, is that a lot of people are “skimmers.” They browse quickly, want to spot a few things they like, or connect with, and either move on or reach out to you.

2) Your story is yours and should be earned. That is, even if your profile is public, you should reserve the private/more personal details of your life to tell someone whom you’ve matched. It’s about keeping a little mystery for a potential match to uncover. If you give it all away upfront, you don’t have as much to reveal later.

3) A lot of information upfront is overwhelming. List just a few of your favorite movies, a couple of your favorite spots in town, and there’s no need to list your entire family history. Don’t take “favorites” so literally and feel the need to write out every single one. Eventually, the movies, bands, or TV shows you like and love will be brought up with someone you really click with.

So there you have it! One key profile tip for the week, pare down your longer-winded sections. Doing so will work in your favor and help to draw someone in and capture their interest.


This post was originally published on the Match Media Blog.