Ovulating Women Look Hotter On The Dance Floor, Says Science

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Ladies, may we suggest hitting the club depending on your menstrual cycle?

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Yet another study has found a correlation between ovulation (aka a woman’s peak fertility time midway through her cycle) and attractiveness. In this case, German researchers had guys watch videos of women walking and dancing, and then rate their hotness. So basically, your average bro night.

The women were filmed at two different points in their cycle. You guessed it: fertile and nonfertile. To prevent rating on appearance alone, the sly scientists tweaked the video so the dudes only saw the body’s outlines.

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Spoiler alert: The men rated the dancers in peak fertility highest. We’ve heard this one before; lap dancers got better tips when ovulating, according to an earlier study.

What’s unclear is whether ovulation makes us magically dance like Beyonce, or if it instead just sends a subconscious mating signal to men that makes them think we look like a dancing Beyonce. Either way, who knew our ovaries had so much freaking power?

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Yelena Shuster‘s ovaries plan to rule the world.