He’ll Buy You Dinner If You’re Pretty Enough, Says Science

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A recent study from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland researched couples on dates and their expectations for who would pay (and the motivation for those expectations.)

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The not surprising part (that we hoped would not be true): men are willing to pay for a date if she’s pretty.

The more surprising part: The more attractive a man is, the more women expect him to pay.

Also: people who thought themselves attractive also said they deserve to be treated.

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This is kind of one of those no duh┬ástudies that you feel like you could have written, and for only $30. (Assuming that’s how much the last dinner you had to pay for cost, on an unsuccessful date.) But let’s keep this in mind: if you’re on a date with someone and she expects that you pay, she might think of herself as quite the catch. (Maybe she is.) And if your date offers to pay, he might be into you. If she doesn’t expect you to pay, she might not be attracted to you.

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A bunch of maybes about something that daters have expected all along. Thanks, science.