People Really Don’t Like When You Smoke in Your Tinder Photos

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Smoking will not only cut years off your life, it will also halve the number of Tinder users who will want to swipe right on you. (Granted, one of those things is much worse than the other.)

The Action on Smoking and Health, an anti-smoking nonprofit, recently set out to prove this theory by running a little experiment: It created two separate Tinder accounts for the same, good-looking, blonde woman. The only difference between the two accounts, other than the woman’s name, is that in one profile, she’s shown smoking a cigarette in each of her photos.


After ASH swiped right on 1,000 males for each profile over the course of a week, the results were in: 54 percent of guys swiped right on the girl who wasn’t smoking; only 29 percent swiped right on the (same) girl who was smoking.

The results line up with what we’ve seen before: Numerous surveys of online daters show lighting up is among the least attractive things someone can do on a date. The best advice here is to not smoke, but the next best thing would be to maybe be polite and wait to light up till after the date.

[h/t: The Daily Dot]