You Will Not Be Able To Stop Reading These Gchat Conversations From The Most Persistent Dater Ever

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I could not peel my eyes away from this story on Buzzfeed about a guy who wouldn’t give up on pursuing a girl who clearly wasn’t interested. I don’t want to spoil the surprise (I enjoyed it so much because I was dying to know what happened in the end), so while you are reading the gchats and text messages for yourself, ask yourself: how persistent is waaaay too persistent? And if being super persistent eventually breaks someone down, is that a good thing?

When Chicago residents Scott and Lana met online, Lana was working for a few weeks in DC, so their relationship was limited to gchats:


Finally Lana was coming back to Chicago, so the two planned out how they would meet for the first time.

To recap their first date, it went well but Lana reacted poorly to Scott’s attempt for a kiss. But they stayed out late and had a good time. Scott brought Lana to a fancy work party, and his co-workers said, “We love her, is she your girlfriend?” And he said, “No, I wish.” But he wondered…

Scott decided not to give up. And when he decides to not give up, he doesn’t give up.

She didn’t go to the concert but did go to his birthday party before dropping off the face of the earth. Scott didn’t give up.

Here’s where Scott gets sort of desperate. Here come the text messages.


This is getting hard to watch, I know. One more gchat convo:

I think, in reading, I expected some sort of solution. In the end, Scott admitted that he still has not let go completely. Buzzfeed reports that for a job, he had to interview Jake Johnson (actor on Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl), and Jake said he ended up with his wife because he just kept on pursuing her no matter what, even when she said no no no. She broke. And now they’re married. The photographer had a similar story. They told him that you can’t give up. And Scott said, you know what? That is bullshit.

I have heard both stories too, so it probably completely depends, which must be tricky for a guy like Scott who is so determined, like the Little Engine That Could. I feel sorry for him, and that Lana was not more direct with him. But I think it should have been pretty obvious by her lack of enthusiasm. I mean, you can just tell from her tone that she wants him to go away.

Still, the question is: does this ever work? Can Scott still break Lana down? Is he too persistent? Or is his persistency just crazy enough to work?

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