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Every millennial is used to swiping right to get a date, this we have established. However, in the magical event that you are at a bar with friends and see a cute guy you haven’t pre-planned drinks with on an app (jump for joy and cue minor heart palpitations) you need to know how to behave! Ever since dating apps have been introduced, especially in New York, single girls who see a hot guy out in the wild either go full Bambi, teetering and blushing all over the place, or adopt a Hunter vibe, scarily stalking/swarming their prey. I mean come on, we are strong independent women in 2016 – there needs to be a happy medium!

Lucky for you, my friend Anna* has mastered this medium with the ultimate rule to get his attention (minus the crazy): The Eye Contact Rule.

Defined: Hold fleeting eye contact with said target across the room for 2 – 3 Mississippi seconds, just enough to make it awkward, then look away. You will be officially on their radar.

I know, it seems simple. But trust me, it’s magic. It has worked for me, and I have personally witnessed Anna knock it out of the park more than once. Try it, you will be surprised how quickly he will come over to you.


*Name has been changed to prevent future obvious eye-locking.