Poll: Is it Gross or Cute When Couples Sit On The Same Side of the Booth?

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boothLast night, I was out to dinner with a friend when she spotted a couple sitting on the same side of a booth and cringed. I personally do not have a problem with this. I used to make fun of couples on a date sitting on one side of the booth, but once I started really dating, I realized how enjoyable it can be. And even if it’s kind of awkward to look at, I think it’s nice to not care what everyone else thinks and just enjoy sitting near each other.

But I realized that clearly not everyone feels that way, as my friend explained she literally thinks it’s the worst thing in the world (I’m paraphrasing. Maybe.), and she doesn’t even enjoy sitting on the same side of the booth when she’s with a significant other. Since we wildly disagreed on the topic, I wondered how others might feel.

So I asked another friend, Gillian, who said, “I have on occasion started on one side of the booth and moved to the other. So no, it doesn’t really gross me out. Just keep the making out to a minimum.” On the other hand, when I asked my friend Bobby, I got a very different response. “That’s ridiculous and I hate it,” he said, “And I wish the booth would lean back, sliding them both down a chute and into an abyss of despair.” Bobby is extremely serious about couples and booths.

What do you guys think? Cute, or totally unnecessary?

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