Pop Quiz: When It Comes to The Morning-After Pill, What’s The Guy’s Role?

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Pop Quiz!

A girl and a guy have a one-night stand, and the condom breaks. The girl isn’t on birth control, and needs the Morning-After Pill.

Does the guy:

A) Send her to the pharmacy and tell her he’ll text her later?

B) Go with her to the pharmacy for moral support?

C) Go with her to the pharmacy, and offer to split the cost?


The answer is obviously not A, right? And yet, I recently heard a harrowing tale of a girl who had such a one night stand, and then was forced to go to the pharmacy alone. I guess the guy thought, “her body, her problem?” But come on! Not taking any responsibility for the morning-after pill is a seriously jerk move.

It’s not like girls can’t handle walking to the drugstore, buying a pill and washing it down with some Gatorade. We don’t need a guy to accompany us.

But what we do need from guys is some admission that this is a two-way problem, not just our thing to take care of. It takes two to tango, baby! We don’t break condoms and accidentally get impregnated on our own.

I asked a guy friend how he felt about the morning after pill, and whether guys should at least go through the motions of assisting or taking action.

“Yeah, but….not every guy would feel the need to do that,” He said. “Only nice guys.”


Only date the nice guys, girls. Only the nice ones.