Prague Bachelor Parties Are All the Rage, Surefire Way to Contract an STD

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Did you see The Hangover? The one about the the oh-so-crazy bachelor party that ended in the groom-to-be being roofied, leaving his trio of groomsmen to backtrack the night’s events to find him?

Real bachelor party culture is so much worse.

For many traditionalists, a bachelor party is still about grabbing a few beers, doing some “manly” activity, and capping off the evening at a strip club. But destination bachelor parties are growing in popularity and Prague has become a number one destination. Problem is, trips to the capital of the Czech Republic are leaving bros in a state of despair. A state of burning despair. Yes, down there.

Reporting on the BBC Three’s new documentary Sex, Stags and Prague, The Guardian reveals that the bachelor parties (or stag parties, as they’re referred to in Britain) that flock to Prague partake in heavy drinking and drug use that inevitably leads to paying for prostitutes. BBC host Stacey Dooley (seen above) investigated the scene to find a grisly aftermath to the debauchery:

“One sex worker told Stacey that in her experience, five out of ten men on stag will sleep with a prostitute – and one of the five will ‘always’ be the stag. But what really alarmed Stacey was the number who demand unprotected sex despite the risk of catching an STD.  One prostitute said a third of her clients ask for unprotected sex – and will offer to pay extra for it. “


According to one sex worker, even when girls tell the gents that they’re HIV positive, they will more often than not insist on unprotected sex. “They have no brain. It’s like bungee jumping, it’s a thrill, ‘Will I or won’t I catch it?'”

A thriving pickpocket scene adds to the nightmarish experience. Even the prostitutes bros are hiring for the evening can be in on the game, often drugging their clients and lifting their money.

So no secrets, guys who travel to Prague to guzzle cheap beer, take in the scenery, and act like madmen when the sun sets. Either opt out, stay safe, or get tested.

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Matt Patches is a writer and reporter living in New York City. His work has been featured on Vulture, Time Out New York, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is the host of the pop culture podcast Operation Kino.