18 Pros and Cons Of Dating Someone in Theater

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Pro:  Theater people are GREAT in bed, because they’re expressive and in touch with their passions.

Con: The other reason they’re great in bed is because they’re constantly having sex with fellow theater people: writers with their actors, directors with their actors, stage managers with their actors, and actors with other actors.

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Pro: They will regularly be taking you to new, exciting shows their friends are in.

Con: You will constantly be dragged out to shows you’ve never heard of and don’t care about.

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Pro: Their creative instinct lends itself to great, imaginative, unique gift-giving.

Con: The real reason they’re giving you that handmade scrapbook filled with pictures printed off facebook for your birthday is that they’re broke.

Pro: Theater people drink.

Con: Theater people drink.

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Pro: You’ll be invited to an amazingly fun party each June where you watch Neil Patrick Harris sing and dance in a tux for three hours on TV.

Con: Everyone at this party will ostentatiously sing along to every single song, and at least one woman & gay man will reenact the exact choreography.

Pro: Playwrights are an intriguing, contemplative bunch.

Con: Playwrights are total wrecks — I would maybe just stay away.

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Pro: Theater people are great at working together! This translates well in a relationship.

Con: Theater people are iffy with the whole “finishing things they start”! This does not translate well with, say, painting a living room.

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Pro: The first time you meet his or her friends, you’re going to be wowed by all that personality and color.

Con: The first time you meet his or her friends, you’re not going to get a single word in edgewise.

Pro: At the end of the day, theater people are just like everyone else, except they love portraying stories and characters on stage.

Con: The end of the day for most theater people is about 10:30, and that’s before the post-show drinks.

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