17 Reasons She Had To Dump Him

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Sometimes it’s the little things that make you realize you have to stop seeing someone:

“A friend of mine who had never met my boyfriend of 7 years. She asked me to tell her about him, and I couldn’t think of anything but ONE thing to say, and after a long awkward pause I finally agreed to say it. “He really loves me.” I knew I had to break up with him after that conversation.”

“We came into my un-air conditioned apartment on an especially humid night and it smelled like my cat (I have only one cat!). I said, “Ugh, it smells like my cat in here.” He said,” Yep, it really does.” And I thought to myself, Do we even like each other? I don’t think so. And we never hung out again.”

“I realized I had fallen for someone else. (My now husband).”

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“My ex-boyfriend went from loving hardcore music and band t-shirts to worshipping Garth Brooks and embroidered salmon-colored shorts when he moved south for college. I knew I didn’t want to be with someone who changed his mind — and his identity — so easily.”

“He said he wanted the option of seeing other people, but said we could still sleep together because he has sooooo much fun doing that.”

“He had elf shoes.”

“He said he was going on a date with another girl (for the second time)… but that was because she was new to the city and her friend had set them up before we ever met…”

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“He always mooched off of his friends, and off me. One time, he was too cheap to buy ice cream, so I bought one for myself and he ate 3/4ths of it! Last straw buddy!”

“He began to copy all of my interests.”

“I just lost my attraction to him. I think it’s because he kissed like a metronome (side to side to side).”

“When I first moved to Chicago, my first boyfriend chose a new Italian joint he wanted to try out. He showed up in one of those half-zip up sweaters to dinner with friends and asked about every single wine on the wine list. Then wouldn’t let me order my own food. If you wanted to go out and have two dinners and talk about wine for an hour with the waiter, you should just go on a date with yourself.”

“Because he just couldn’t ever do what he said he was going to do.”

“Once I realized the guy I was seeing had stopped growing up in high school — he still listened to the same music (pop punk), wore the same clothes (pop punk concert shirts), and had the same friends (pop punk failure bands he still thought were going places).”

“He really wanted me to go to the Baltimore Aquarium with his entire family, and I thought, “woah. We are definitely not on the same page and I think this needs to stop now.”

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“He was way too needy. In a long distance relationship, he though skyping every night and morning was a good idea.”

“He was entirely too ADD and chained to his overcommitted lifestyle. He had 3 rather demanding jobs (1 salary based Creative Director position, 2 start ups he lead/started). He was so busy he could hardly do real human things like feed his dog or sleep some days. I like guys who can delegate, focus and sleep sometimes.”

“This one dude laughed at everything. I mean, I’m funny, but laughter loses its luster when someone is laughing at how you say “hello” on the phone. Pull it back, chuckles.”