Beware The Rom Com Curse, Says Science

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Bad news for TV addicts: the more you believe in romcom romance, the less likely you are to commit to your relationship, says a recent study.

Before rolling your eyes, take note that this doesn’t just apply to your standard love rhombus plots on the CW and Lifetime. Even watching regular comedies like The Big Bang Theory made participants think there’s someone better out there. (This should explain your partner’s frustration with you for not wooing her like a socially awkward physicist. You’re welcome.)

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Almost 400 married folks responded to questions about their relationship in the Albion College study. The more someone believed in TV love stories, the higher they believed their relationship costs were—aka heightening their partner’s less attractive qualities or feeling like a loss of personal freedom.

“In this study I found that people who believe the unrealistic portrayals on TV are actually less committed to their spouses and think their alternatives to their spouse are relatively attractive,” Dr. Jeremy Osborn, the article’s author said.

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This doesn’t mean you have to toss the boob tube, but be conscience what viewing is doing to your brain — and your love life.

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Yelena Shuster will never look at Gossip Girl the same way again.