Yes, You Do Have to Say You’re Sorry — And 4 More Things the Movies Get Wrong About Love

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Admit it: Deep down, you have a soft spot for rom-coms. (Yes, even you over there, guy who’s secretly excited that your girlfriend is “forcing” you to watch [insert guilty pleasure movie of choice here].) Of course, that doesn’t mean we think they’re realistic. Here are a few examples of where the movies get it wrong when it comes to love:

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1. Yes, You Actually Do Have to Say You’re Sorry

Ah, Love Story. We all loved that movie. We all cried. Hard. And the most famous line…we all know it, and we all love it. When Ryan O’Neal, or should I call him Oliver Barrett? — when he apologizes, and Jenny, played by a very hot, young, Ali MacGraw says, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”

Yes! Yes! We all cheered and smiled through our tears and our swollen eyes. That is what love means.


Clearly the person who wrote that line has never actually been in love. Or in a relationship, for that matter. Because love doesn’t mean that. Let’s see how we would apply that to everyday life:

“I don’t understand. You hurt me. Why can’t you just say you’re sorry?”

“Because I love you?”

Don’t try this at home. You heard it here first.

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2. No, People Don’t Interrupt Other People’s Weddings to Profess Their Love for Someone

There is always that one scene at a wedding where someone — not the bride or the groom — publicly professes their love for someone else. In the final scene of Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson (the Best Man), interrupts his best friend’s wedding to profess his love for Rachel McAdams (the Maid of Honor). This is done on the actual altar of the church as vows are being exchanged. It starts as a whisper and gets louder. The wedding party and the parents of the bride begin to weigh in; all while the wedding guests calmly look on.

Would that happen is real life? No way. The bride would lose her friggin’ mind. There would be tears. Her mom would run to her aid. The groomsmen would get involved by pulling the rogue groomsman out of there and the videographer, if smart, would get the whole thing on tape and it would go viral on YouTube.

So, if you’re at a wedding, and the guy you love is there and you are broken up and haven’t spoken in a while, don’t expect him to grab the mic or interrupt the nuptials. It would be incredibly awkward and inappropriate. And your friends getting married would most likely end up hating you.

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3. No, People Don’t Run Through Security At Airports to Stop The Plane You Are On

We have seen it in many movies. People board flights with regret. The person they love did nothing to stop them so they have no choice. They must go. But then wait…something happens. Regret sets in and the person who has let that person leave makes a mad dash for the airport and actually RUNS through airport security to stop the aforementioned flight.

Okay. This is not going to happen. You cannot get through airport security without a ticket if your life depended on it, so surely you couldn’t get through if your love life depended on it. Sure, it may have happened in Love Actually. And it was sweet. As the father, played by Liam Neeson, encourages his son to dodge security, he may as well have said “Go son, go to jail.” Let me tell you something: The TSA is no joke.

So if you are staring longingly out the window of your plane on the runway hoping to hear the captain make an announcement that they have to head back to the gate; get over it. Just let your loved one call you when you land and have them book a ticket on the next flight out!

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4. No, Men Don’t Actually Stand Outside Windows With Boom Boxes

There are no two ways about it. Lloyd Dobler ruined it for men everywhere. Men can’t compete with that. That whole standing with the boom box by her window, playing Peter Gabriel’s, “In Your Eyes.” It would be nice if they did, and men, if you are reading this, go find a boom box from 1985 and go stand outside the girl’s window to get her back. But the truth is, it doesn’t happen. First of all, we wouldn’t hear it. At least I wouldn’t, cause I live in the city. But I can’t speak for the suburbs.

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5. No, Best Friends Don’t Make Signs for Their Best Friend’s Wives

You know in Love Actually when Keira Knightley’s husband’s best friend is madly in love with her, and he stands outside their house on Christmas eve showing her signs professing his love for her. She is giddy with excitement and I admit, as viewers, so are we. We want this for ourselves. Even if we don’t have a boyfriend or husband we still want their best friend to do this for us. But you know what? In real life, if that happened, it wouldn’t end like that. It would end in Keira’s husband de-friending his best friend.

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