5 Rules For Having Sex In Public Places

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If you aren’t well-versed on the skill and expertise that goes into fooling around in a public place, then it probably isn’t best to try it in a high-risk atmosphere on your first go. Not only does it lead to ultimate embarrassment, you’re probably, definitely going to get arrested.

Buzzfeed took it upon their staff to dig up with a few hilarious incidents involving public lewdness. Laugh at their shortcomings (no pun intended) and learn a lesson or two next time you get all hot-and-bothered on the subway platform and are thinking of dropping trow right then and there.

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Avoid high-traffic areas.

 Unaware of the bystanders, this couple is now all over the interwebs for their pinstripe party in the bathroom. This is probably the best piece of advice to heed when it comes to public displays of sexual intercourse. While it may add to the thrill, the risk of getting caught and having it on your permanent record to explain to potential bosses is definitely not worth it.


Don’t add insult to injury.

Inside a Kansas Walmart, these two lovebirds were arrested for grouping each other, and stealing a bottle of lube. Shoplifting is bad to begin with, but stealing the lube you use to actually do the deed is just plain stupidity.


Pick a secluded place.

A mere 100 feet from a popular restaurant didn’t help these two  from avoiding their arrest after a sex-capade on a beach in 2011. Granted, they were intoxicated.


Learn the rules to a movie theatre romp.

These two were arrested for having sex in a movie theater. They did buy tickets, but to a different movie than the one they used as background noise.


Public Transportation is a no-go.

Not only did this couple fornicate on a subway, but after they got kicked off the train, the continued to hump on the platform before getting arrested. They caused a 14 minute delay and a hell of an excuse for being late to work for commuters.
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