Science Says It’s Not Weird If Your Boyfriend Looks Like Your Dad

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tumblr_micfegKnEA1qhr6t2o1_500A recent study published in the science journal Evolution found support for the long-held (and kind of icky, when you think about it too much) belief that women look for boyfriends who remind them of their dads. Researchers, using a weird and kind of cute-sounding computer program to simulate this selection process, found that female organisms whose genes led them to seek out mates with genes like their fathers’ were more likely to produce more offspring.

The theory goes that since our dads are proven capable of reproducing (oh my god, SORRY), picking mates who look like them should mean we’re setting ourselves up to reproduce as well.

Important to note: scientists aren’t saying this definitely works the same way in humans. After all, picking a bird boyfriend who looks like your bird dad is a different story than how this would work with people. All robins look the same. But then that’s probably what they say about us.