Science Added 3 New Traits We Seek In The Opposite Sex And They’re AWESOME

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Humans, ¬†unlike most other animals, continue to play throughout their whole lives — but why? A new study from Penn State says that it might because playfulness is actually an evolutionary role in human mating.

The most interesting thing is that a man’s playfulness exists for different reasons than a woman’s, supposedly:

“Just as birds display bright plumage or coloration, men may attract women by showing off expensive cars or clothing. In the same vein, playfulness in a male may signal to females that he is nonaggressive and less likely to harm them or their offspring. A woman’s playfulness, on the other hand, may signal her youth and fertility,” said Garry Chick, head of the Penn State Department of Rec, Park and Tourism Management.

Chick and his team, working with a pre-existing ¬†list of possible characteristics women seek in men added three more traits to the list: “sense of humor”, “fun loving”, and “playful.”

I’m not quite sure why those things weren’t on the list in the first place, but I’m glad they’re there now. Sounds like a blast. The takeaway here is amazing: go have fun, play Twister, do somersaults, make funny faces, and laugh. Not just to find a mate. Because that is good f*cking advice for everyone.