Sex-Deprived Fruit Flies Lust After Alcohol, Says Science

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Have you ever wondered how much you have in common with fruit flies? No? Well, regardless, a new study shows some interesting parallels to our six-legged friends.

“In the study, male fruit flies that had mated repeatedly for several days showed no preference for alcohol-spiked food. On the other hand, spurned males and those denied access to females strongly preferred food mixed with 15 percent alcohol. The researchers believed the alcohol may have satisfied the flies’ desire for physical reward.”

In other words: sex deprived fruit flies are more likely to drink (eat? suck up through their nose things?) alcohol. Just like we are.

Except humans turn to alcohol in order to, let’s face it, get drunk enough to either lower our standards or make us act brazenly towards someone we perceive to be out of our league.

But maybe the alcohol-soaked food gave the fruit flies the liquid courage necessary to seal the deal?

Either way, don’t feel bad the next time your sex-less life leads you to the bar. It’s obviously what mother nature intended.

[University of Missouri]