Sexually Active Women Are Literally Peeing Their Pants, Says Science

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Hey, ladies. If you’re currently having sex (not, like, now as you read this, but you know), it might behoove you to know that a new study has found that unfortunately, you are more likely to piss yourself. Of the more than 1,000 16-30 year old women studied (none of whom have ever been pregnant), researchers found that 12.6% of them ┬áhad incontinence issues. Compare that to a previous study that found that 12% of women the same age with incontinence issues who have given birth. And interestingly enough, it’s specially true if you are not taking birth control pills.

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We used to blame this embarrassing habit on pregnant ladies, old people, and children with boogeyman nightmares. But now young, healthy, sex-y women aren’t safe, either. Add that to the list of things that men have easier than women. NOT that I’m keeping score. I certainly don’t want to be the one responsible for carrying air conditioners or fixing sinks!

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The nightmare doesn’t even end with the pee. Women with incontinence report feelings of shame, fear, and embarrassment. Surely dates are more stressful — laugh a little too hard over that cocktail and you might be in a pickle. And sleepovers introduce a whole new set of problems. The researchers even found that this could influence a woman’s mental health. Serious stuff.


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