Sexy Morning-After Wedding Photography: Creepy Or Awesome?

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New trend: a $650 bride/groom photo shoot post-wedding ceremony of the pair practically naked and hinting at the fact that the shot was taken incredibly post-bootytime.

“I wanted to do the shoots to show that [marriage] is happy … it’s sexy and it’s not over,” said New-Jersey-based photographer Michelle Jonne, 34. Which really is great. But is there another way?

Client Inna Shamos says she is psyched to share these photos on Facebook and even with her kids one day.

“When you get married, you’re in the best shape of your life and why not have these memories,” she said.

These pictures aren’t exactly raunchy — they are meant to highlight a couple’s “closeness”. The “we just banged” feeling you get when you view these pics comes from you and your dirty mind. It is only implied.

But then why do these photos remind me of a Purity Ball? No I am seriously asking. Why? They seem inappropriately sexual and egomaniacal to me. And kind of pointless.

But that’s just me — what do you think?


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