The Simple Thing A Guy Can Do To Win Over Any Girl At A Bar

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A friend was just rehashing her Saturday night with a group of girls, and she started talking about this guy, who she wasn’t initially attracted to, that started hitting on her in a bar. I think she was all geared up to tell him she was not interested when he did something that got her attention: he bought her drinks — for her and her friend. (And when she recounted this story, the girls erupted in a communal “AWWWW”.)

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They ended up talking for a long time. I’m not saying they’re going to start going to IKEA together, but the guy earned a few more minutes with her, a few more points.

It’s just such a simple, thoughtful move. It says: I’m paying attention to your situation, I want you to be happy and comfortable, I’m polite, and I want more than just go get into your pants right now. (I still might want to get in your pants, but I’m not going to be creepy about it.)

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The thing is, you can’t be creepy and use this tactic as a free ticket. But if you’re a shy guy looking to stand out or you just feel like you need that little extra edge, buy her posse a round. And hey — if she isn’t impressed, maybe one of her friends will be…