12 Quirky Heat Wave Date Ideas For Million Degree Days

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Try a water sport like kayaking, surfing, or paddle boarding. Taking a lesson together is a good time to bond.

You finally have an excuse to try out that water park you’ve been eyeing. I want to go to one RIGHT NOW.

If you have a car, drive around, blasting the AC, listening to erotic books on tape. It will be so bad and funny, it’s good.

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Make a midnight date (that’s not a booty call) for when temps have cooled down a bit.

Grill something!

Make (and eat) ice pops. Oh, look! Here are 4 yummy recipes.

Double feature at the movie theater. Buy the Bon Bons.

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Just be near water. Beach, pool, whatever. It will feel good even if you don’t dive in.

Drink your summer drink. Mine is the Vodka Gimet and the Michelada. Oh wait, that’s two, isn’t it? Well if it’s really hot you’ll want to double fist.

Go to a museum, but shh! Whisper! Whispering is sexy and it makes you stand close.

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Have a water gun fight.

Cold shower. Together.