Survey Says: If You Want to Get Married, Date Your Coworkers

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Take a good look at the cubicles around you. One of them might hold the coworker of your dreams. According to a recent British survey, relationships that begin in the office are the most likely to lead to marriage.

The informal study—commissioned, bizarrely, by the creators of How I Met Your Mother—found that 14% of workplace couples ultimately tied the knot. Hey, it worked for Jim and Pam—not to mention Dwight and Angela, if beets are more your thing.

It makes sense. Your coworkers have seen you at your most and least caffeinated. They know what you look like at your best, as well as what you looked like that time you dribbled cream of tomato soup on the shirt you’d forgotten to iron. Together you’ve weathered the highs (free bagels in the breakroom!) and the lows (IT blocked Facebook!) of everyday life.

In case you’re not feeling the vibe at the water cooler, the survey reports a few more meeting places that frequently result in long-term love: in college, on the Internet, on vacation, and through friends.

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