Tell Me If You Think This Is Weird: This Guy Keeps Buying Me Gifts!

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Are you weird about dating? We’re here to help you figure it out! Just email us a question and we’ll tell you whether or not we think (whatever it is) is weird.

 This week: extravagant gifts from someone you’re not even dating.
Miguelina Writes:

“I am not sure if you’ve written about this, but I have encountered a dating problem. One of my guy friends is in ‘like’ with me, and he is a great person to hang out with (the few times I’ve hung out with him) but he insists on showing me he likes me by buying me really expensive gifts that are so ridiculous, they make me feel incredibly uncomfortable accepting them. Gifts include a $6,000 quilted Chanel bag, a very expensive designer croc belt, etc etc. So I’ve been avoiding him so that I don’t have to deal with it.

What would you do!!???!!!

We Say:

Stop accepting gifts from him.

Seriously, this one is sort of a no brainer. If you’re uncomfortable accepting a $6,000 bag from a “guy friend” who is in-like with you, then don’t.

But you don’t have to avoid him, either!

Just say: “Hey, I like hanging out with you but I can’t accept these gifts, okay?” And be firm about it, even though he’ll probably insist that you take them anyway.

But…just a question? Is he really that fun to hang out with? Or is he sort of a drip who makes up for his personality defaults by showering people with expensive gifts? Just wondering. Because usually people who are “great to hang out with” don’t make things awkward by giving you a $6,000 purse when you don’t even know them that well.

You know?

What do you guys think? Should Miguelina keep hanging out with this guy? Should she not look a gift Chanel bag in the mouth? Sound off in the comments!