TGIF! Here’s Everything You Should Know to Have the Best Weekend Ever

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Still trying to decide whether to see Hope Springs or Step Up Revolution? Here’s your answer. Kind of. If you’d rather stay in, here are 5 at-home dates that bring back that lovin’ feeling. Or try reenacting one of these 5 movie sex scenes.

If you’re looking to pick up a date, use these pickup lines to flirt with someone at the liquor store! The rock climbing gym! The grocery store! The juice bar! If you need to say something to someone but can’t find the words, use one of these relationship .GIFs to say absolutely anything. And remember: a dive bar makes the BEST first date spot. And if you’re out dancing, here are the 10 types of dancers you’re likely to meet.

If you’re single, though, NO sweat. Here are 6 things not to do when you feel like the only single person left in the universe. (You’re not.) If you just broke up and you’re a little down in the dumps, try one of these 5 breakup movies to get you through any stage of grief. If you’re coupled but you and your S.O. have totally different movie tastes, try one of these date night movies perfect for any weird combo of film preferences.

Since football season is upon us, you might need to know these 5 tips for dating an insane football fan.

Make your boyfriend a sandwich! Here are 11 that will blow his mind. Or also you could blow his mind with this hot twist on girl-on-top sex.

Here are 22 unfortunate signs your one night stand was a terrible idea. Maybe you should have one of these 10 best post-sex foods? Was it because of these 7 God-awful kisses? If your one night stand ROCKED, here’s how to turn it into… another date.

And remember, you’re doing a great job dating. Keep up the good work. Now don’t forget to watch The Best Thing You Will Watch All Year, Call Me Maybe, Chatroulette Version.

Enjoy every second!