TGIF! Here’s Everything You Should Know to Have the Best Weekend Ever

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Going to your first Seder? Here’s what you should wear, bring, know and more.

Girls, if you plan on going out, it’d be good to know the 7 things guys notice about you immediately.

Speaking of going out, did you know drinking (or just pretending to drink) can boost your confidence? HeeeeEEEeeey!

American Reunion opens today! Whether you see it or not, read these 6 surprisingly astute love tips from the original Pie.

If you have a date, read our weekly Brush-Up report so you’ll be up to speed on current events and seem like an ace conversationalist.

Fit in a workout! No? How about this sexy partner workout you can do with your S.O., that totally counts as strength and cardio.

Flirt with that special somebunny with these cute Easter pickup lines.

If you get to have sex, congrats! Enjoy that. But don’t do any of these 23 bad sex moves.

And don’t forget to wear protection. Star Wars protection.

Have a great weekend!