The 10 Best Ice Breaking First Date Date Ideas

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Sometimes all it takes is the right location to ease into a first date. Reddit came up with some great ideas (and some puns, but I didn’t include those because how many “ice breaking” puns do you really need in a comment thread, really?) as to how to make the awkwardness of a first date work for you. Here are the 10 best, as voted by Redditors.

1. “I took my wife to the zoo on our first date. she’s still with me now and I’m an asshole, so I guess it worked.”

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2. “A coffee date worked for me and my girlfriend, that got us comfortable enough with each other that we made our second date a hike through a national park. (Meaning she trusted me enough by that point to go somewhere that I could have dumped her body with no witnesses). edit: my girlfriend is still alive.”

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3. “I always liked mini golf. Just a good way to have some fun and check out her ass while you let her win.”

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4. “It literally is ice skating…the girl whether she wants to or not with have to hold your arm or hand, you are both occupied throughout the activity, and one of you falling will break down the embarrassment barrier! Ice skating and then a meal is a great first date.”

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5. “Bowling, for many reasons. It’s a dumb game that you can laugh at together. It’s competitive but playful at the same time so you can flirt and mess around a bit with the trash talking. You don’t have to be next to each other the whole time but to have to pay attention to the other person. It’s easy to celebrate a strike or a good roll or whatever. And there is always a bar”

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6. “Alcohol”

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7. “Dog walking…To be clear, I don’t just ask strangers to walk dogs with me. The situation has always been that I get to know them first in larger group settings (bars, work, sporting events). Then, when I’m looking for something we can do as ‘just the two of us’ I suggest they come with me to walk my dog. Conversation seems to be easier when your walking and you can always fall back on talking about your dog. It helps that my yellow lab is the world’s biggest sweetheart.”

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8. “Museums. You can learn a lot from someone just based off of what they like at the museum. What they know, how smart they are, what they’re into. Everything is an easy conversation piece. It’s usually free and interactive.”

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9. “Climbing gym. -Friendly supportive people. -Physical activity. -Attainable goals that still feel worthwhile. -‘Monkey business’ jokes. -There is no pressure to put on any false faces, everyone is grunting and screaming and making all kinds of funny sounds with red faces and lots of laughter. -There is a trust that you have to develop being a Climber/Belayer pair. -It’s exercise that is fun… I know right!”

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10. “Amusement park! The excitement will lower the amount of awkwardness.”

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