The 10 Most Annoying Bar Behaviors

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You go to a bar on a Saturday night in the hopes of pulling, and yet at the end of the night you end up home alone with your Netflix and leftover Thai Food. What gives?

It could be that you’re unwittingly engaging in some annoying bar behavior.  You could be making a bad impression before you even approach someone.

-Are you gesticulating loudly and sloshing your drink everywhere?

-Are you dominating the jukebox, playing two slow 90s songs in a row?

-Has your “inside voice” gone up a significant amount of decibels since having that 3rd vodka tonic?

-Are you annoyingly putting your hand on the bar when it’s really crowded in order to “save your spot” so you can order next?

-Are you doing anything on this list?

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, kid.

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