The 5 Best ‘Worst Date’ Ideas

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We’ve all been there—the lucky guy or gal has said yes, the day is fixed, and the time is set. All that’s left is…figuring out what the heck to do! Eat food? Been there. Get a drink? Done that. See a movie? Uh, what is this, 1919? Ditch the lame old same and get hip with the new and fun! Here are five, er, unconventional (and in some cases, unsafe and/or illegal) date ideas that are sure to leave you both wanting more — or just your one phone call.

1. Head to a CVS! Sure, you’re probably shaking your noggin and saying “CVS? Romance? I don’t think those things go together!” Well I got news for you—they do! Grab a candle, nab a lighter (from behind the counter, mind you!), choose your favorite snacks, and splay out on one of those plastic tablecloths for an impromptu picnic in the middle of the greeting cards section. You’ll be surrounded by messages of love and, if things go well, you can swing right by dental hygiene and freshen up for that goodnight kiss.

2. Take it underground—literally! Did you know that the New York subway is the oldest public transportation system in the world? That’s not true, but it sure sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Accompany your date on a sensory journey through the sights, smells, and sounds of New York City. Any subway station will do, but the dirtier and bigger it is, the more fun there is to be had! Loud drums, angst-filled singer / songwriters, and amateur rappers are just a few of the acts you can catch on your way to the beloved subway bodega, where a pack of stale gummy bears can be purchased for two dollars and fifty cents. Pick out the good ones while playing “What’s that smell?” and watching the trains screech into the station. If you hunker down during rush hour, you might even catch a terse exchange of words and maybe a push or a shove between strangers! The human drama is fascinating, and is sure to have any date snuggling closer on those posture-improving wooden benches.

3. Not crazy enough for you? Try exploring an abandoned building—the more structurally unsound, the better! Cruise a sparsely populated neighborhood until you come across a condemned or abandoned structure and you’re off! Remember that there will be exposed nails, random holes, and wildlife populating the rafters, so bring a first aid kit for any nicks or bruises. For added thrills, leave the flashlights and headlamps at home and feel your way around by touch and sight alone, forsaking the familiarity of the daylight world for the darkness of night. If things go well, you and your date won’t just be looking for a way out of that crazy maze—you’ll be looking into other’s eyes (approximately—it’s hard to see anything in there)!

4. I got two words that’ll bring you up to next level awesomeness: emergency room! When’s the last time you paid a visit to the hospital…with a special someone in tow? Greet your date with a smile, then tell them you’re feeling a little woozy. Pretend to pass out (remember to go limp when you hit the ground) and you’re off and fainting! You can “come to” just in time to fill out important paperwork, which is a great way to bring your date up to speed on your home address, your blood type, and your insurance information. Once you get into a hospital bed, say hello to all the complimentary juice and cookies your heart desires. Split a jello while making room for your better half on that reclining twin bed, and you’ll both be asking for a “second opinion” in no time!

5. Invite your date on a “treasure hunt”…which you will soon reveal to be an elaborate bank heist! Make sure you enlist a crew you trust, and don’t forget to wipe all prints when you’re done. Make it flirty! Take time to pick up some fun stockings to pull over your head—nothing kills the mood like a bulky ski mask! If you’ve never seen the vault of the First National Bank let me tell you—it is the definition of romance. If you pull it off? You can the conversation flowing while trying to decide in which country to seek safe haven, not to mention some nice cash in your pocket for the second date! And if you don’t pull it off? How many people can say their first date ended in a jail cell?

These are just a few ideas to get you started—once the wheels start turning there will be no end to your creativity! Feel free to mix and match some of the ideas above for an epic, all-day adventure. Cause when it comes to date ideas there isn’t right or wrong (well, unless it’s illegal, that is).