The Crazy Dating Drama in the World Is on YouTube’s ‘Wigs’ Channel

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You thought that guy who released a clenched-cheek air biscuit fly on your date last week was bad. Well look just one of the women on “Wigs,” the Internet’s wackiest YouTube channel, has to deal with. Her life is about fending off the father of her child, who also happens to be the father of their love interest, who also happens to have impregnated them in high school. That’s some next level shit.

The YouTube channel spotlights women’s stories—ones that are more complex and difficult than what we’re used to seeing in TV and movies—and each mini-series is titled after the leading woman: Blue, Serena, Christine often played by big names, like Julia Stiles, Jennifer Garner, and America Ferrera.

This isn’t just drama, it’s psycho levels of drama. Oh also, Julia Stiles plays a marketing exec named Blue, who moonlights as a prostitute, for Christ’s sake. The most recent series is about Christine, a woman who has a husband and two daughters, but who is addicted to speed dating. Speed dating! What is this, a discarded story for Sex and the City season four? And, yes, we can’t stop watching these things.