Are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Kaput? The Stress of Long Distance Relationships

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Official heartthrob of the entire internet Ryan Gosling and actress Eva Mendes have been dating. And now The Mirror says that they might be broken up or that they might not or that they might be taking a break or maybe something else entirely. What does the madness all mean? That long distance relationships are challenging, even when you’re rich and famous.

Many celebs end up in long distance relationships simply by virtue of their jobs: they go on tour or head off to a remote location to shoot. Ryan has been in Thailand shooting a film for the last few weeks, while Eva has been back in L.A. While some couples might have to suck it up and keep in touch on Skype, Eva and Ryan can afford to visit each other a lot, and Eva has spent some time out in Thailand visiting Ryan. If there’s anything that their relationship stumbles have shown us, it’s that LDRs are work even when you have all the opportunities in the world. Here are some tips that Eva, Ryan, and the rest of us could benefit from:

  • Try to make your time together count. Ryan and Eva have been out at bars and restaurants in Thailand. If your partner gets sent somewhere for work, you might as well combine your reunion with a vacation and really savor the time you have to spend together. If he’s working in paradise, why not benefit from the free hotel room?
  • Show trust. Eva has been taking care of Ryan’s dog while he’s out of town. Asking her to take care of the dog could be seen as assigning a chore, but it’s a sweet symbol that Ryan trusts her with his best friend.
  • It’s okay to vent to your friends. Caveat for famous people: make sure your “friends” aren’t tabloid sources/reporters.
  • If you’re on a break, you should both agree on terms. According to the Mirror, Ryan went flew to South Africa and went on a date with a model. If Eva and Ryan agreed to be on a break during the filming, then it’s cool. But if he’s stepping out on her or violating some agreement they had, she’s probably going to be mad or embarrassed. And if they broke up, they should probably just let everyone know they broke up lest The Goz be branded a cheater.
  • Get out out of the way of the true McAdams/Gosling love story. Come on, I can’t be the only person who wants them to get back together, right?