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We all love dating, we all love food. Combining the two? Uh huh, honey! For passionate foodies, the ultimate date night is discussing all things edible and enjoying a delicious meal with a potential partner. As dietary requirements seem to be growing astronomically in America, there are apps that cater to your gluten-free tastes and your burrito-loving boyfriend. Lucky for you, we have discovered mouthwatering food-based apps that will have you drooling with excitement for your next delish date.

1. Same Plate

This dating app is based around the idea that you don’t need to talk about anything but food! On SamePlate, You post photos of yourself, but you also post photos of your favorite snacks (it’s like hinting to where you want to go and eat without actually saying it). Before you know it, you will be wining and dining each other.


2. Burrit-OH!

This one is so great. Burrit-OH! won’t match you through your mutual friends, your likes and dislikes, or your cultural interests – it will match you on your burrito compatibility! Sour cream or cheese? Guac or beans? The really important stuff. This app was launched on April Fool’s Day, so unfortunately will only be available for a short time – get involved! I’m sure you will meet a real charmer. 


3. VeggieDate

VeggieDate caters to all vegetarians and vegans (let me hear you all say hallelujah). Not only does this help when you’re out on an awkward date at a steakhouse, it assists you in finding someone with the same ethics and morals about their dietary requirements.


4. GlutenfreeSingles

This app connects those with gluten intolerances, celiac disease and gluten-related health issues. Not only does GlutenfreeSingles foster romance, it also connects gluten-free friendships and hosts events – featuring news, recipes and products and services.


5. HiDine

HiDine’s motto is “chivalry is alive.” Tick! This is a dating app that initiates conversation with a mutual restaurant you are both dying to try. The idea is that a first date should be relieved of pressure by not only embracing new company, but embracing a new fine dining experience also. Delish! The age-old concept of chivalry ties into the premise that male members pick up the tab for the first date, so you can focus on being your charming self, no strings attached!


6. Suppr

Connect over your love of food with Suppr, a Tinder for foodies that logs you in through Facebook, and select restaurants you want to eat at via a list or map in New York. The app then allows you to see the profiles of other users who are interested in eating at the same places, so you can match, chat and plan your date! Genius.


It will be love at first bite! (That’s right, I went there).