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A 20-year-old New Yorker has infected her boyfriend with the Zika virus through sex – the first ever female-to-male transmission on record.

According to TIME“Her doctor took samples of her blood and urine, and Zika was detected. A week after having sex, the male partner developed a fever, rash, joint pain and eye redness. He visited the same doctor as the woman, and Zika was identified in his urine sample.”

Zika is typically spread by mosquitoes, and it has been known to be transferable via sex through men. This case, however, has now officially recorded the fact that women can spread it sexually also. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has now updated its advice, recommending that pregnant women use protection if their partner has traveled to a Zika-infested region.

The Zika virus only causes a mild illness, but if pregnant it can lead to severe brain-related birth effects for the child. Fortunately, the New Yorker was not pregnant! Yet another excuse to use protection, people.