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If you have ever set up an online dating profile only to be bombarded by crazies you have no interest in that will not stop chatting, firstly, you need to take a little more care with your swiping, but secondly, you will understand the beauty of this new app: Ghostbot.

Ghostbot has been built as a right-hand-man to Burner, an app that lets you create anonymous, open phone numbers. As you might have already guessed, Ghostbot’s function is to ghost those crazies on your behalf!

How does it work? Once you turn on Ghostbot for a specific user, the “message bot” will respond to messages for you in a “human-like amount of time”. It recognizes categories of comments and features hundreds of pre-written responses ready to roll. Product designer Lauren Golembiewski told Macworld that Ghostbot is designed to “de-escalate and not engage” in a situation.

“As we were thinking about this broken culture of dating and texting, we noticed that women disproportionately receive aggressive and inflammatory messages,” Golembiewski told Macworld.

“If they respond or don’t respond, even if they try to be diplomatic or let it go, the guys on the other side escalate that situation. We wanted an option somewhere in the middle of not responding and actually trying to address the situation and let them offload that into a bot so they don’t have to think about it. So we created Ghostbot, which responds to a wide variety of messages. We primarily focused on a lot of the aggressive situations and created responses to those incoming texts.”

SO, basically, your Tinder prayers have been answered by a little Ghost that will handle any awkward matches for you. Downloading now!