There’s a 28% Chance You’ll Marry Your College Sweetheart

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Facebook: A deluge of event invites you fail to RSVP to, never-ending status updates that range from mundane to Earth-shattering, and enough photo albums to keep you in the stalking business until 2020. But could it serve a practical purpose for your dating life? Apparently, if you paid attention in high school statistics, yes.

A new data breakdown from Facebook Data Sciences discerns that a notable portion of marriages — the kind that are only real once they’re officiated on the popular social media website — can be linked to a shared college, and that there’s a correlation between university location and classmate marriage rate. According to the study, 28% of individuals listed as “married” on Facebook attended the same college as their spouse, though the number fluctuated when city density entered the picture. Either Northeasterners immediately spread out to other parts of the country or they have too many options at their disposal. Either way, settling down after college isn’t part of the equation.

There’s also evidence to show that religious or tech schools function as nurturing environments for lasting relationships. For “Women Sharing a College with Their Spouse,” Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and Michigan Technological Institute ranked among the top of the list. For “Men Sharing a College with Their Spouse,” it was spiritually-inclined universities. Clown colleges once again fail to make either list. What a joke.



The study also shows that around 15% of polled individuals went to the same high school as their spouse. That’s quite a few people will never know what dating is like after the prom.

Matt Patches is a writer and reporter living in New York City. His work has been featured on Vulture, Time Out New York, and The Hollywood Reporter. He is the host of the pop culture podcast Operation Kino.