This Is The Difference Between Men And Women In Love, Says Science

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Sitcoms everywhere will tell you that women are emotional basket cases and men are as affectionate as rocks, but a study published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin found that men are just as likely as women to get all lovey-dovey. Researchers did find, however, that men and women in love express it in totally different ways.

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The study interviewed 168 couples from rural central Pennsylvania within two months of their wedding, followed by yearly check-ups and then a final touch base after 13 years.

It found that the more the men loved their wives, the more affection they showed and the more they wanted to plan joint activities. They also expressed loved by initiating sex — something the researchers said women were less likely to do.

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“Biting their tongues, letting men initiate sex more often, showing a willingness to allow men to assert themselves a little more — this is what we saw when women were more in love,” said one of the researchers.

For what it’s worth, this approach did seem to keep the marriages intact: 105 of the couples were still married. Or maybe their approach to love also includes a traditional approach to marriage (aka don’t get divorced).

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Also, the sample size wasn’t exactly representative of the US population at large. We’re betting if they conducted this study in NYC, the results would be totally different.

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Yelena Shuster has no idea what biting your tongue entails.