This Is Why Your Date’s Distracted, Says Science

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If you’ve ever been frustrated by a date of the opposite sex who seems distracted, you might be relieved to know it’s not their fault, it probably has to do with gender differences. Science is now telling us that men and women focus on totally different things in conversation, and are distracted by totally different things, too.

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A study from the University of Southern California made 34 participants watch videos of interview with distractions in the background. They then tracked the viewers’ pupils.

The men’s eyes were fixated on the speaker’s mouth, while the women focused more on the speaker’s eyes and body. The men were distracted by obvious movement like cars passing, while the women were more distracted by other people entering the frame.

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What gives? It all comes back to women’s proclivity to decode nonverbal cues. And their eyes wander because of their more social nature.

In the worst case scenario, this could get bad. I am picturing a guy and a girl on a date. The guy’s gaze is locked on the lady’s mouth and he keeps getting distracted by passing cars. The chick is checking out his six pack but looks away every time another person enters the frame. How do we manage to even talk to each other? Wow!

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