This Is Why You’re Attracted To That Jerk, Says Science

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Ever noticed that your interest in hot, unavailable men increases at a certain time each month? It’s not you! It’s your hormones. Maybe. A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that when you’re ovulating (aka fertile), you pick ravishing dudes over responsible ones — even when evaluating them as long-term partners.

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Participants were asked to view online profiles of a “sexy” man versus a “reliable” one. (We didn’t see the pics, but something tells us “reliable” is what your mom would call a “nice young man”). When ovulating — around day 11 of your cycle — women inexplicably believed the sexy cad would contribute more as a parent than the reliable one. They repeated the study with male actors and found similar results.

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If this sounds familiar, at least you now have an excuse for your self-denial: it’s your ovaries’ fault.


Yelena Shuster is so not talking to her ovaries right now.