This Is Your Newest Excuse For Being Late For a Date

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1f425d6948e7e9aed59ba7059618f62cWe all have those days where everything seems to be on fast-forward, except for us.

If you have trouble gauging the time it takes to dry your hair or shave or whatever it is you do before going on a date, you may have time management issues, or you may have Chronic Lateness Syndrome, which, yes, is a real thing.

According to Betabeat, Jim Dunbar recently became the first guy to be diagnosed with the disorder, which affects the same part of your brain as ADHD and doesn’t allow you to correctly judge how long it takes to complete a task. To give you an idea of what kind of chronic lateness we’re talking about, here:¬†Dunbar gave himself an 11-hour head start to get ready for a movie, and was still 20 minutes late.

So the next time your date is late to meet up with you, maybe give them the benefit of the doubt. They may have Chronic Lateness Syndrome and not even know it.