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A recent survey has taken a whole new spin on “Netflix and chill,” proving that our TV habits can significantly impact our dating lives.

In a promotion for the new web series “Glued,” Propellor Insights and Xfinity surveyed 1,935 adults aged 25 – 49 about their interactions in relationships over television. It turns out 66 per cent of couples say watching TV together has strengthened their relationship, with millennial couples hitting almost 75 per cent!

55 percent of parents have put their kids to bed earlier so they can watch their favorite TV show together, while almost 30 per cent of couples have canceled a social engagement to watch their favorite TV show (that’s commitment, people).

Do you always feel guilty when you watch an episode of the TV show you both love without your partner? You’re not alone – 50 per cent of couples admit to “TV cheating,” and 30 per cent of single millennials admitted that they have chosen not to date someone based on their TV preferences. Binge wisely!

H/t The Wrap.