Women Who Have Unprotected Sex Are Happier & Smarter, Says Science

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A new study from SUNY Albany says that women who have unprotected sex experience surprising benefits to their health that their condom-using counterparts do not: they’re happier.

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The researchers surveyed women who had unprotected sex and oral sex on a regular basis, and then asked them to take the Beck Depression Inventory, which is a common way doctors assess depressive symptoms.

The women who used condoms were equal on the happiness scale with the women who did not have sex at all, while the women who abstained from condoms all together were the happiest.

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Apparently semen contains “mood-altering chemicals” like estrone and oxytocin (which elevate mood), cortisol (which makes people more affectionate), serotonin (which is like an antidepressant), and melatonin (which induces sleep).

And while that kind of sounds like a cocktail from heaven, it must be pointed out, for those of you who were absent on sex ed day in school, that many of these women are also more likely to become pregnant. Which could really throw their happiness off course.

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And to top it all off, the women with more “seminal plasma” were able to focus more, and complete cognitive tasks better than women without.


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