Watch This Amazing Video Reminding People To Call Their Moms, Then Go Call Your Mom

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Because Mother’s Day should not be one of the two days a year your mother can definitely expect a phone call from you (you called her on her birthday, right? Right?!), a small band of filmmakers went around the streets of San Francisco installing little public signs telling passersby “Call Your Mom” adorably spelled out in delicious foods like cake and bacon.

The best part, however, is when the filmmakers ask a bunch of strangers whether they’d called their moms recently. Upon collecting some dismal answers, they asked strangers to call their mothers right then and there, on speakerphone, on camera.¬†Get ready to have all the feels, then go pick up the phone and call your mom, already. Or do it right there at your desk. Whatever, it’s Friday.

[h/t Co.Create]