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A research company titled Edited have just confirmed what we have known to be true for many, many years: wedding dresses are ridiculously (and somewhat unnecessarily) pricey. It’s freaky Friday. As Business Insider has noted, retailers charge brides about 3.9 times more for a white wedding dress than a similar white dress.

No surprises, but bridesmaids dresses clock in the same shitty markup, too. Edited also revealed that dresses marketed for bridesmaids are 1.8 times more costly than a normal cocktail dress. (I am sure any previous bridesmaid can begrudgingly attest to this one). Edited found that online shopping is the way to go when it comes to weddings in 2016, with a booming $574 million coming into online wedding retailers every year.

What can we learn? When it’s time to get married you are going to be overcharged for your getup and you will probs buy a lot online. There’s really nothing more that can be done! Ah, the happy bride.