20 WTF Engagement Photos

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Why would you dump this guy?

Hey buddy, are you sure you still want to do this?

Use the facilities before wedding engagement photo time.

The photographer was clearly like, “oh f*ck it, just stand there.”

Not appropriate. Nope.

I feel threatened.

Your necklace is off center.

I really hope that is some random guy in the background photo bombing the pic and she is looking at her hot, awesome boyfriend in the distance.

Cute! But not.

Sure, don’t let hanging around in the trees get in the way of your makeout sesh.

Who photo bombs their own engagement photos?

At least one of these people is in love.

Not enough bunnies.

“She won’t wash it off until we’re married.”

Laundry: it’s what’s on the mind of all newlyweds, amirite?

I love it when my boyfriend grabs my ankle and pulls it up to an uncomfortable and awkward angle when I’m jumping around near lakes.

Is he wearing pants?

Is this a “between his legs” joke? Because I don’t like it.

Get your own damn engagement photo pose.