33 WTF “I Love My Boyfriend” T-Shirts

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If Jesus steals your boyfriend, girlllllll, it’s time to let go. You’ll never win that fight.

This would look cute with some skinny camo jeans and a fedora.



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Is the Pope Catholic? This shirt brings out the stupid in you.


Clever! But only if you love your boyfriend more than New York City. And that is a prett-ty tall order.

You have to really love lamps to wear this. Like, pushin’ lamps around in swings love lamps.


You know he’s sleeping with Julianne Moore, right?

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Oh it’s just all about you, isn’t it?


You should probably see someone about that.


Did he treat you like dirt and then go to Mexico? Because that is an excellent reason to get someone a t-shirt.

You shouldn’t be one to judge. You’re wearing this shirt.


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Embrace feminism, just a little bit.

Stop bragging. You can have him.

Put some pants on and get with the program. Did he make you that shirt while he was drinking?

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You drove him to this.

Let’s be honest. I own this shirt.

His little video game buddies are going to kick his ass for this, you know.

Yes but do you love him? Is that all he has to bring to the table?

Yeah right. Like your boyfriend really let you wear that out. On a date. With him.

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Well she’s got a good point.

I bet your mom is psyched.

You should probably work on yourself a little before you promise anything too lofty.


Yeah, or he’s Patrick Bateman. This shirt is freaking scary.

What a great meet-cute!

Soooo… it’s complicated?

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What did he get?

You maybe should keep that private.

That’s okay, it looks like he really knows how to woo a gal.

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If I had a nickel every time I heard this…

What a man-whore. He’s every The Wire‘s fan’s boyfriend.

Let me guess — this phrase is one of the only things you can actually read.

Naw, he’s just reading your t-shirt. And he thinks it’s really stupid.