What The Color Of Your Outfit Says About You On A Date

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Starfashion has come up with a list of words that people associate with certain clothing colors, something of value to anyone on the dating scene. Not because you should be relying on these stereotypes (I’m sorry, I would never assume someone wearing green was rich and eco-friendly), but maybe because it’s insight into what they are thinking when they see you wearing nice, brown slacks or a purple dress. For example, you might have to start of the date with, “Hello my name is Lauren and I’m wearing purple but you will find me neither wealthy, sophisticated, romantic, or very luxurious. Shall we continue? Or would you like to part ways now?”



Authority, Makes You Look Skinnier, Timeless

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Sophistication, Confidence, Old times, Neutral


Light, Cleanliness, Simplicity


Aggressive, Creates Energy, Intense

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Environment Friendly, Calming, Refreshing, Wealthy

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Overpowering, Light, Concentration, Not Serious


Luxury, Wealth, Sophistication, Romantic


Solid, Reliable, Genuineness, Stability

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Ocean, Peaceful, Fresh, Loyalty