What Your Favorite Shot Says About You On A Date

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Not that that anyone would really advise taking rounds of shots on a date (especially in the early stages), but just in case you’re so inclined, here’s what your favorite slam-it-back beverage is signaling to your suitor.

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Tequila: You’re pretty much a sure thing. 

Vodka: Next stop: the club.

Boilermaker: You’re a man’s man.

Pickleback: Hipster much? (And if you’re a girl, possibly also trying to get the hot mustachioed bartender to notice you.)

Alabama Slammer: Hot mess, y’all.

Kamikaze: You’re a bit uptight but you’re kind of hoping this makes you sound a little wild?

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Jäger Bombs/Irish Car Bombs/Sake Bombs: You wish you were still in college.

Jell-O Shot: You are still in college.

Liquid Cocaine: You’re a handful.

Goldschläger: You like shiny, pretty things. (*cough* gold digger *cough*)

Birthday Cake: Big kid at heart.

Swedish Fish: You’re sweet, like candy.

Mind Eraser: You really want out of this date.

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Red Headed Slut: You’re trying to distract from the fact that you’re actually kind of a prude.

Buttery Nipple: If you’re a guy, you just made things really uncomfortable.

Blow Job: Girl, you’re trying way too hard.

Screaming Orgasm: OK so clearly it’s been a while since you got laid.