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Sometimes the app-tastic world of dating can be very awkward. For example, a friend of mine recently told me about how she accidentally matched with a colleague from work on Tinder. Not only did she not realize that she had swiped right (“It’s a match!”) until it was too late – she is now avoiding his entire floor, common work areas, and office drinks, in which she has been isolated to her desk frantically peering down the hallways in case of an awkward run in.

Did he say anything to you on Tinder to begin with? I asked. Apparently not – they both deemed mistaken (and therefore uninterested), cue the radio silence. Sadly, the plot of every cliché love story is the coworkers turned lovers, but in this case the question was clear: What the hell do you do if you are stuck in this sticky situation?


It’s funny! Laugh it off. It’s just Tinder, after all. You should both appreciate the comical absurdity of not realizing who each other is to begin with – as well as wigging out over an accidental right-swipe on an app probably used by half the office! Be careful: Don’t laugh at them, but with them.



On top of said laughing it off, send a chat or gif on Tinder to make light of the situation. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, and the sooner you acknowledge the humor in the whole affair, the better. Example gif below, both acknowledging awkwardness and light of the situation:

giphy-7                                 “Haha, hello!”


I shouldn’t even have to say this. Steer clear of flirting with the colleague! Unless you are 100% sure you are interested, you are 100% sure they are interested and you are 199% sure HR is not interested.



The worst thing you can do is avoid them at work. THEY KNOW WHY! That first encounter after the match? Rip it off like a bandaid by walking past their desk or bumping into them (on purpose) in the kitchen. You’ve already laughed about it, so have a smirk/chuckle/whatever feels appropriate and then ask them a work related question. Crisis averted!



Because… even more awkward turtle!