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This is it, ladies! Science has spoken. We are genetically engineered to flirt, have sex and make babies. In this case, physical attraction goes a long way. As it turns out, any time a man checks out a woman, he is performing what is known as a ‘reproductive fitness assessment’. Sexy, hey? Luckily for us, Business Insider has produced a video on what makes women physically attractive to men, as proved by scientific studies around the world!

These are a selection of factors that have been scientifically proven to make women attractive to men. Take notes.

Waist-to-hips ratio

Men prefer a larger waist-to-hips ratio, of 7:10. The waist and hips are important factors when it comes to childbirth, so when men see a ratio that they perceive to be favorable, they are subconsciously thinking, “she could be my baby mama”.


A higher-pitched voice

It turns out, the higher your voice, the better. Apparently, a high voice not only signifies youth, but also a smaller body.


Healthy hair

Long, lustrous healthy hair plays a big part in female attractiveness. A healthy mane promotes health and fertility – book that hair appointment, stat.


Less Makeup

Go au-naturale, ladies. Men prefer women who wear less makeup, not only because they prefer natural beauty, but because it shows that you are relaxed and low-maintenance.


Wear red

The color red enhances attraction. They don’t call the red dress a show stopper for nothing!



This one seems like a pretty obvious game-changer. The whiter the teeth, the brighter the smile, the more attractive you will be!