What Men Love About Fifty-Year-Old Women

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The Huffington Post recently published an article about a woman named Keiko and her friend, who attended a party together. Keiko described her friend, who was in her fifties, as a “chunky, frizzy haired woman with thick ankles” (which all just sounds like sour grapes to me.) However, much to Keiko’s surprise, the friend was inexplicably the life of the party and the focus of the men in attendance. When Keiko surveyed the men, she was astonished that the men found his woman so engaging because of her basic social skills and sense of humor. Because as we all know, men are just slope browed neanderthals who care about one thing. Tits.

Point one: Some people are just naturally charismatic, but there is something to be said about exuding an air of confidence. The key to getting people to like you is not letting what they think of you affect your self-image/worth. You don’t have to be over fifty for that to happen, it just seems that older women have a lower tolerance for bullshit.

Point two: I feel bad for poor Keiko. It was her party and she can cry if she wants to. But don’t do it in public Keiko, that’s a major turn off.

Point three: Phyllis Diller, seen here, is my dream woman. And I think that says something.

What specifically did men love about Keiko’s friend? She exuded confidence. She listened instead of checking out everything else going on around the party. She had interesting stories. She was funny and complimented her friends on their achievements. She was dressed simply. She was independent. She was curious and non-pretentious. And unique.